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Drug discovery is really a time-consuming, high-cost and difficult process with low success rate in clinical stages of development. The main reason is that the efficacy or safety of drugs cannot meet the standards, which is often due to sloppy initial target validation. Therefore, target validation is of paramount importance in the drug discovery process. Target validation aims to determine whether molecular targets are directly involved in the disease process and whether they have therapeutic effects.

Target-based drug discovery has become the prevailing paradigm used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The advantage of this approach is that it can identify more effective compounds with fewer undesirable side effects. Preclinical drug target validation has the aim to enhance confidence in the relationship between target and disease to provide more insight into the pathogenesis and allow the exploration of side effects. Therefore, before starting to develop drug candidates against the diseases and evaluating whether the drug works pathologically, the role of targets must be clearly defined.

Validation of new drug targets is based not only on physiological, pathological and pharmacological evaluation, but also on early assessment of potential side effects at the molecular, cellular and animal level. Drug targets must be validated experimentally, especially in human cells and tissues. These results are directly related to clinical efficacy.

Because every method has its limitations in relation to human diseases, a single technique is not sufficient for successful preclinical target validation. The most important criterion of target validation is multi-validation. Target validation requires a variety of experimental methods involving sequencing, computer-aided validation, structure determination, gene manipulation, and functional analysis. As one of the very early steps in the whole drug discovery and development process, all these can provide an in-depth biological understanding of molecular targets to determine later success or failure of the drug candidate.

One of the main sources of candidate drug targets in industry is data published in the literatures and presented at conferences. However, some exciting published results are often difficult or even fail to reproduce key data. Emphasis should be placed on the importance of confirmatory validation studies for drug research and development projects before larger investments are made. Once a drug target is identified, whether it from review of literature or not, the first step is to repeat the experiment to confirm that it can be successfully reproduced.

Creative Biolabs provides powerful risk-based preclinical data verification services for target validation of drug discovery to deal with data reproducibility crisis which is a big obstacle for drug research and development and may lead to failure and high risk of investment. Target validation can assist our clients' specific objectives of drug discovery and improve the success rate of their projects. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive services list covering every important aspect of target validation for multiple kinds of drug targets.

Sequencing Services

Creative Biolabs provides various sequencing services aimed at identifying key targets, characterizing specific gene functions and describing networks of regulated diseases. These human origin data contain information of DNA sequence as well as genetic relationships, origin or susceptibility to specific drugs can provide a first valid hint to a certain condition.

Computer-Aided Target Validation Services

Creative Biolabs provides computer-aided target validation services using sophisticated chemistry simulation software and bioinformatics analysis to help confirm therapeutic targets. With our powerful computer-aided platform, we provide various bioinformatics information and professional analysis. The computer-aided platform takes advantages of high accuracy and short turnaround time.

Structure Determination

Creative Biolabs offers high-quality structure determination services to get exact structural information when a target has been identified. Structure determination is a procedure to obtain the three-dimensional structures using various analytical techniques such as X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and small-angle scattering. Structure determination has been widely used in a group of targets such as protein, nucleic acid and simple molecules.

Gene Manipulation

Creative Biolabs provides functional studies through a range of gene manipulation solutions including gene knockout, gene knock-in, gene overexpression and gene silencing. We use optimized and validated technical systems to perform complete toolset comprising trusted solutions for each step of gene manipulation to help you get the answers correctly and quickly.

In Vitro Functional Analysis

Creative Biolabs provides in vitro functional analysis which can be used to reveal regulative characteristics of targets and the pathways in which they are involved. Our scientists can validate novel targets in different cell types such as stem cells, primary cells and cancer cells. Cell-based studies can provide in vitro models for early efficacy and safety assessment related to diseases.

In Vivo Functional Analysis

Creative Biolabs provides in vivo functional analysis which is necessary to evaluate the relevance of a particular target for the disease in appropriate animal models using suitable biological tools. Multiple preclinical disease models including non-human primate disease models are available at Creative Biolabs to mimic the systemic implications of disease and can provide early in vivo key data for drug targets.

Creative Biolabs has Ph.D. level research group and advanced technology platform. We are confident in tailoring the one-stop target validation service in a high-quality, reliable and cost-effective manner to help you achieve your goals and make wise decision of your project. In addition, we have a dedicated assay development team that will work closely with you to design customized assays. Our service will meet your specific needs fast at extremely competitive prices.

If you have some specific questions, please contact us without any hesitate. We look forward to working with you to help your drug research and development project succeed.

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