Biological Drug Development

Biological drugs are macromolecules manufactured in, extracted from or semi synthesized by modern biotechnological methods within a living organism and can be composed of sugars, proteins, nucleic acids or complex combinations of these substances, or may be living cells or tissues. They are widely used in the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases, autoimmune diseases and metabolic diseases.

Biological drugs can be mainly classified into peptide drugs, protein drugs, antibody drugs, antimicrobial drugs and vaccines. Biological drugs can also be involved in different therapeutic approaches such as immunotherapy, gene therapy and cell therapy. The development of new drugs generally begins when scientists learn of biological targets that involved in dysfunctional biological processes in patients with diseases, such as receptors, enzymes, proteins and genes. Then the targets need to be validated after identification. The following key processes to assess drug candidates include preclinical research and clinical research. The goal of the preclinical drug discovery process is to provide clinical drug candidates with sufficient evidence of biologic activity, drug-like properties, safety and efficacy to enter the clinical process. Many candidates cannot move through the entire development process because of problems with safety, kinetics, potency, or other factors.

The development of a new medicine, from target identification through approval for marketing often takes so many years and the process of biological drug development has much uncertainty and many failures. The main reason for the failure and high risk of biological drug development is unsatisfactory efficacy and high toxicity.

Creative Biolabs understands the complexity, high risk and high failure rate of biological drug development. That's why we offer a dedicated team of experts to provide you comprehensive risk-based preclinical data verification services for biological drug discovery and development projects. Our combination of expertise in different kinds of biological drugs and various disease areas as well as comprehensive cell lines and animal models available at Creative Biolabs makes us an ideal partner to support your project and help reduce investment risk–from target validation, hit validation, lead validation to safety assessment and efficacy evaluation.

As a leading global biologics company with more than a decade of exploration and expansion, our scientific approach and in-depth understanding of each molecular type of biological drugs and our reliability help us develop optimal and customized strategies for your project. With state-of-the-art equipment and technology, Creative Biolabs' professional scientific team involving biologists, chemists, and pharmacologists can make sure that our clients will receive fully compliant and trustworthy results in the timelines promised.

Creative Biolabs can offer customized and most suitable methods to meet your specific needs in a cost-effective manner. We are confident to offer our clients with Project Feasibility Assessment through a comprehensive assessment of you drug candidates to help reduce investment risk.

Creative Biolabs' services are characterized by high-quality and high efficiency. Our services will be of great benefit to you for your biological drugs research and development projects. There is no doubt that we will be your professional and reliable partner. If you are interested in our services or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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