Cytokine-Induced Killer (CIK) Cell for Immunotherapy Development

Creative Biolabs is focused on providing rapid and effective solutions in CIK cell therapy. We pride ourselves on our professional team of cell therapy discovery and project consulting experts. In our services, you can rely on our regulatory intelligence and state-of-art technologies to assess and help the success of your projects. We can provide you with a comprehensive solution package to guide your own or investment projects from the protocol design to product authorization and commercialization.

Introduction to Cytokine-Induced Killer (CIK) Cell

Cytokine-induced killer (CIK) cells are a group of heterogeneous natural killer T lymphocytes that play an important role in activating immune systems to recognize and eliminate the different types of tumor cells. Pilot studies have demonstrated that CIK cells consist of two key subsets, CD3+CD56+ T cells, and CD3+CD56- T cells. In general, CIK cell is usually derived from peripheral blood and bone marrow, which can trigger natural MHC-unrestricted immune responses against various tumors, including liquid and solid tumors. Moreover, recent researches have shown that CIK cells have a better proliferation rate, strong cytolytic activities and low cost in the progress of mediating tumor killing. As a result, CIK-based cell therapy has been regarded as an attractive tool for treating a variety of cancers in humans. For example, recent papers have illustrated that CIK cell therapy can be used for treating leukemia due to its higher anti-tumor properties compared with other T cells.

A schematic picture showed improved CIK therapy. Fig.1 A schematic picture showed improved CIK therapy. (Gao, 2017)

Our Services for Cytokine-Induced Killer (CIK) Cell Therapy

CIK cell-based therapy has proven its efficacy in killing different tumor cells in several preclinical trials and clinical trials. Meanwhile, many actions have been taken to improve safety and reduce the cytotoxicity of CIK cells in antitumor activity. Creative Biolabs has developed criteria protocols to evaluate the design, generation, safety, and effectiveness of different CIK cell therapies. Equipped with big databases, we are capable of predicting the feasibility, potential cost and final results of your CIK cell therapy projects. Moreover, we have also developed a number of CIK cell assays to detect the cell function, evaluate the culture procedure, as well as analyze the potential cell contamination. Additionally, we can also provide customized services on GMP production, project compliance, and management. Our team will fully assess the feasibility and the risk of commercial opportunities to mainstream your research and capabilities.

Through our comprehensive early discovery, nonclinical and commercialization services, Creative Biolabs is committed to developing the most promising cell therapy for our clients. With in-depth expertise in project consulting and data verification, we can provide a series of CIK cell therapy services basing on a full range of state-of-art technologies. We will help our worldwide customers reduce project development time and bring new cell therapy into the market for a wide range of disease treatment. If you are interested in our services, please contact us or send us an inquiry.


  1. Gao, X.; et al. Cytokine-Induced Killer Cells as Pharmacological Tools for Cancer Immunotherapy. Front Immunol. 2017, 8: 774.
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