Drug Targets

Drug targets are molecules in the body intrinsically related to specific disease processes, which could be addressed by drugs to produce desired therapeutic effects. At the molecular level, the main targets for drugs are proteins and nucleic acids. Identification and validation of biological targets are among the most important steps in the development of new drugs. Drug target validation includes proving that these molecules are directly involved in the disease process, and can be suitable targets for the development of new therapeutic drugs.

Creative Biolabs provides a comprehensive target validation services to help confirm various molecules as therapeutic targets of drug discovery process thus to deal with data reproducibility crisis which is a big obstacle for drug research and development and may lead to failure and high risk of investment.

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Receptors refer to any biological macromolecule located on the cell surface or within the cells that can act as recognition sites for endogenous hormones, neurotransmitters, neuromodulators or intracellular signaling molecules and cause changes in cell function. Receptors are defined in pharmacological terms as having specific interactions with ligands belonging to a given pharmacological class. They are useful drug targets in various disease states such as genetic diseases.

Drug Targets


Enzymes are macromolecular with biocatalytic function to accelerate chemical reactions. Enzymes are indispensable in various functions of living organisms and play key roles in almost every physiological/pathological process such as signal transduction, cell regulation, metabolism, activity control and digestion. Enzymes have long been considered as important drug targets for the treatment of major human diseases and identifying possible ligand-enzyme interactions is essential in drug discovery.

Ion Channels

Ion channels are pore-forming membrane proteins which allow the flow of ions to pass through the membranes. Ion channels are key components in a wide variety of biological processes involving rapid changes in cells and are important for achieving various functions of the cell. They are well recognized as important therapeutic targets for treating a number of different pathophysiologies.


Transporters are integral transmembrane proteins that assist in the movement of ions, nutrients, metabolites, small molecules, or macromolecules across biological membranes. Transporters are vital to the growth and life of all living organisms. Ant it is recognized that transporters are important for absorption, distribution and excretion of many drugs. Therefore, transporters are one of the most common classes of drug targets.


Cytokines are small proteins involved in human immune system and can be secreted by a broad range of cells. Cytokines have specific effects on the interactions and communications between cells and are important in cell signaling. Cytokines are involved in the pathogenesis of many inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and can also cause diseases by themselves. They are therefore attractive therapeutic targets and cytokine-based drugs are becoming more and more important in the treatment and management of many diseases.

CD Antigens

CD antigens, also called cluster of differentiation, are cell surface antigens of leukocytes and found in various immune cell populations. CD antigens express different protein receptors on the cell surface, which help to determine the type and maturation stage of the detected cells. Thus they are important for immune reactions of organisms. Special drugs, such as monoclonal antibodies, have been designed to identify a particular type of CD antigens thus to attack only this specific type of cell.

Nucleic Acids

Nucleic acids, including DNA and RNA, are macromolecules that store genetic information and enable protein production. These molecules, which are composed of long strands of nucleotides, are the most important of all biomolecules and essential to all known forms of life. Nucleic acids are an important class of drug targets especially in gene therapy. The advancement in technologies and increasing knowledge of nucleic acids has put them in the limelight as drug targets.

Creative Biolabs has a dedicated assay development team that will work closely with you to design customized assays for your specific drug target. Our service will meet your specific needs fast at extremely competitive prices. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We look forward to working with you and helping your drug research and development project succeed.

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