Drug discovery has proven its key role in identifying novel candidate targets for treating many kinds of human diseases. A number of drugs, such as protein drugs, peptide drugs, as well as antibody drugs, have been developed and approved in the past few decades. Furthermore, the increasing complexity of drug discovery programs is forcing changes in the project management of preclinical and clinical stages. Creative Biolabs, specializing in data verification, drug research, project assessment will work with you to develop the most appropriate strategy that will offer the most meaningful support for your drug discovery projects.

The Services in Drug Discovery Project. Fig.1 The Services in Drug Discovery Project.

Our Services for Drug Discovery

Driven by multiplex scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry, pharmacology sciences, Creative Biolabs is establishing itself as the project assessment arm of the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, we provide a full range of services for our clients to improve the success rate of drug programs, ranging from data verification, project assessment to pre-clinical and clinical development consulting. The major areas of expertise applicable to drug discovery are:

Project Assessment

Our strategic advisory teams are dedicated to helping you establish a panel of assays to evaluate your projects at different levels, such as R&D design and feasibility. Meanwhile, we can also provide the most-efficient solutions for project management, market access, and commercial hurdles.

Preclinical Development

Currently, Creative Biolabs provides a package of preclinical development consulting services, from the hit, lead and clinical candidate selection, pharmacology studies, toxicology, and safety assessment, to pharmaceutical development. In particular, we also provide overall consultancy for PK/TK studies and conduct comprehensive data validation for animal studies. Our services will ensure that all steps of the project are completed in a sound, regulatory compliant manner.

Clinical Development

In our company, our expert team will help you establish a clinical development project, both for designing clinical trials of different scales and for giving advice on the approval of your candidate drugs. Furthermore, we also offer a range of services, including pharmacovigilance, regulatory, registration, post-approval studies, to address drug development challenges. For instance, we have deep experience in the development of clinical data management, clinical monitoring studies in different disease models, as well as in the development of medical device combinations.

Creative Biolabs has immediate access to industry professionals and thought leaders, which offer a network of independent consultants across numerous therapeutic areas and technical disciplines. We have successfully generated a variety of assays to offer different industry solutions for drug discovery. If you are interested in our services, please contact us or send us an inquiry.

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