Small Molecule Drug Development

Small molecule drugs are chemically synthesized active organic compounds with a low molecular weight usually less than 900 daltons which can be made into tablets or capsules that are easily absorbed. As traditional form of medicine, small molecule drugs have always been an important part of drug research and have irreplaceable places. Up to now, small molecule drugs involved in therapeutic use can be divided into small molecule inhibitors, small molecule antagonists, small molecule agonists and small molecule activators. They are also valuable tools of biological research.

The drug development process of small molecule drugs include initial target identification and validation, assay development and model establishment for in vitro and in vivo screening and optimization of lead compounds, the relationship between pharmacokinetic characteristics and targets, preclinical safety assessment, preclinical candidate selection and clinical research. The development of effective small molecule drugs requires a strong cooperative relationship between biologists and chemists. An in-depth understanding of the target is essential for the generation and optimization of compounds with the most beneficial efficacy and safety characteristics. At the same time, chemical knowledge must be acquired to ensure new, selective and high-quality candidates for development.

Most of the lead compounds eliminated in the later stage of research and development have problems with unsatisfactory efficacy or too much side effects, or have no obvious advantages and improvements compared with the listed drugs. These complex steps and potential problems make the entire drug development process extremely long and full of risks of failure and investment.

Therefore, it is very essential to establish a rapid and effective early comprehensive evaluation system to verify the potential safety and possible clinical effectiveness of drug target and biologically active lead compounds. Quick and scientific decisions of new drug development can be made based on these verification data to save time and minimize the risk.

Creative Biolabs provides risk-based preclinical data verification services for small molecule drug research and development projects. We have extensive experience in different kinds of small molecule drugs and different disease areas with a focus on target validation, hit validation, lead validation, safety assessment and efficacy evaluation.

As a global contract research organization with advanced equipment and up-to-date technology, Creative Biolabs’ professional scientific team involving biologists, chemists, and pharmacologists can make sure that our clients will receive fully compliant and trustworthy results in the timelines promised. We can help our clients verify the safety and efficacy of compounds to discover a quality drug candidate.

Creative Biolabs can offer customized and most suitable methods to meet your specific needs in a cost-effective manner. We are confident to offer our clients with Project Feasibility Assessment through a comprehensive assessment of you drug candidates to help reduce investment risk.

Our services will be of great benefit to you for your drugs research and development projects. If you are interested in our services or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always there for you and we look forward to working with you in the near future.

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