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Creative Biolabs is recognized as the world leader for providing the most diverse portfolio of drug discovery project assessment solutions for worldwide customers. With our extensive experience and advanced platform, we are proud to partner with our clients on the journey of bringing novel candidate targets to the market.

Introduction to Project Assessment

Drug discovery has been considered as a high-cost and time-consuming process to treat different kinds of human diseases. Project assessment of the potential targets before the clinical-stage plays a significant role in improving the success rate of novel drug discovery. In the past few years, a full range of factors, including feasibility, commercialization, R&D design, management, as well as an audition, have been carefully considered and identified by various advanced technologies to evaluate the risk, efficacy and cost in the entire drug discovery process. Moreover, the standard criteria for drug development have also been well established to progress candidate targets towards entry into a project pipeline.

Project Assessment Service. Fig.1 Project Assessment Service.

Our Services for Project Assessment

Nowadays, Creative Biolabs offers a series of project assessment services for our worldwide clients to help predict the potential risk, pre-clinical and clinical results, as well as the overall costs of drug discovery. With our extensive experience and state-of-art technologies, our services cover every step of the drug development program, including but not limited to:

Project Feasibility Assessment

At Creative Biolabs, we can provide feasibility assessment services for drug discovery projects to minimize the failure rate while ensuring reliable results. Meanwhile, we help evaluate the target and scale of a specific project so it can proceed smoothly and finished in a cost-effective manner. In addition, we can also give advice on whether they are worth pursuing and how to tackle them effectively.

Project Commercialization Assessment

The ultimate goal of drug discovery is to obtain effective drugs and bring them to the market. As a key step in drug discovery, project commercialization assessment is capable of analyzing the marketability of novel candidate drugs for the commercialization transfer process. Creative Biolabs has generated a criteria-based method that can be used to assess projects at different levels, such as laws and regulations, social benefits, economic and market attributes.

Project R&D Design

Creative Biolabs has delivered custom R&D design services to researchers and companies all over the world. In our platform, we will help our clients with the perfect solutions for project design. In general, our protocol will meet the requirement of any authority and the data can be broadly used for drug registration. We are always dedicated to helping you reduce project risk, save costs, and shorten the research and development cycle.

Project Management

Recently, our expert team offers project management services to help you achieve specific project objectives in drug discovery. We will help you monitor your project with an agreed timeline and an acceptable budget. Every stage of your drug discovery program will be carried out in strict accordance with the protocol to ensure the accuracy of the project results.

Project Auditing

Creative Biolabs has developed a comprehensive platform to offer project audit services for your drug discovery research. In our platform, we will interview all project participants to determine the success criteria for this audit. Meanwhile, the raw materials, manufacturers, GMP/GLP compliant laboratory qualification, transport company, as well as the product warehouse will be further evaluated to improve the performance of your project and avoid unnecessary issues. Additionally, all project documentation will be checked by different forms to guarantee data authenticity.

Creative Biolabs is a leading company that is dedicated to helping our worldwide customers shorten the drug discovery and development time. Additionally, experienced experts in our labs are also specialized in project assessment, with different formats, endpoints, parameters, to satisfy any specific requirement at the most competitive price. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly sent us an inquiry.

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