Toxicology is a scientific discipline, overlapping with biology, chemistry, pharmacology and medicine. Toxicology mainly studies the harmful effects of exogenous factors (chemical, physical and biological factors) on biological systems and the toxicity can be evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively.

Toxicity assessment poses a crucial part in drug safety profiles, which is the major cause of development termination and withdraw from the market. It is necessary to conduct toxicology studies to best characterize the potential toxicity of lead compound and new drug candidates. Pharmaceutical products must undergo a battery of preclinical toxicology studies to provide information regarding the safety of a new drug candidate. Toxicology studies are generally required by regulatory agencies worldwide before initiating clinical trials in humans and obtaining the market approval of the drug. Hence, it is essential to evaluate the toxicology potential of drug candidates at an early stage to save time and resource investment.

Features and comparison of different methods to assess drug toxicityFigure 1. Features and comparison of different methods to assess drug toxicity. (Costa, A., et al., 2013)

Creative Biolabs provides professional toxicology services for safety assessment of drug research and development thus to deal with data reproducibility crisis which is a big obstacle for drug research and development and may lead to failure and high risk of investment. With our professional toxicology services, we can drive forward and speed up your drug discovery and development.

Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive toxicology services, including but not limited to the following:


Toxicokinetics (TK) is the use of pharmacokinetics and toxicology to study the occurrence and development of toxicity or adverse effects of exogenous substances. It studies the effect of the human body on drugs when given a higher dose relative to the therapeutic dose. The goal of TK is to correlate findings of toxicity with a corresponding level of drug exposure. As an important part of drug discovery and development phase, the data obtained from TK study is of great value in the selection of dose, dosing form, alternative dosing route, and evaluation of toxicological mechanism. With advanced technology, Creative Biolabs can perform TK study in multiple species, such as mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, pigs, and non-human primates. Our years of TK experience enable us to provide high-quality TK study services with numerous routes of administration, types of toxicity study, and complex nonclinical study designs.

In Vitro Toxicology

In vitro toxicology is employed primarily to study the toxic properties in the early stages of the development of potentially useful new substances such as therapeutic drugs. The use of in vitro systems such as cells and tissues can facilitate understanding of toxicant activities and better define human-specific toxic effects. Highly accurate in vitro practices are becoming absolutely vital as is looking at cost-effective assay development. Creative Biolabs specializes in identifying potential toxicity to different tissues and organs using a variety of in vitro toxicity tests and assays. We are an ideal partner to test the potential toxicities of candidate drug compounds.

In Vivo Toxicology

In vivo toxicology is based on quantitative and statistical analysis to study the toxic effects of chemical and biological substances within living organisms, such as laboratory animals. Creative Biolabs provides a full range of in vivo toxicity services for global clients to support drug discovery and development. Our toxicology department consists of professional teams with extensive experience in toxicology studies, which enable us to determine potential risk factors in early drug discovery and development process for our client's projects.

Creative Biolabs has a dedicated assay development team that will work closely with you to design customized assays. Our service will meet your specific needs fast at extremely competitive prices. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We look forward to working with you to help your drug research and development project succeed.


  1. Costa, A., et al., 2013. An evaluation of the latest in vitro tools for drug metabolism studies. Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism & Toxicology, 10(1), pp. 103-119.
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