PK/PD Analysis

Pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) are two broad divisions of pharmacology. PK is to discover how an organism affects a drug by describing the quantitative relationship of concentration-time profiles in different body fluids, while PD is to discover how the drug affects the organism by quantifying the characterization of the intensity of effects resulting from certain drug concentrations at the hypothetical effect site. PK/PD analysis combines the two closely related dynamic processes of PK and PD. It plays an important role in every step of drug development.

The relationship between pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics with respect to the effects of drug dose on the body. Figure 1. The relationship between pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics with respect to the effects of drug dose on the body. (Chu, CH., et al., 2017)

Creative Biolabs provides professional PK/PD analysis for efficacy evaluation of drug research and development thus to deal with data reproducibility crisis which is a big obstacle for drug research and development and may lead to failure and high risk of investment. With our comprehensive PK/PD studies and high-quality PK/PD analysis, we can drive forward and speed up your drug discovery and development process.

Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive PK/PD analysis, including but not limited to the following:

PK/PD Analysis in Normal Animal Models

Creative Biolabs performs PK/PD analysis in multiple species including rodents, non-rodents and non-human primates. And our analysis involves all routes of drug administration, including intravenous, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, ocular and oral administration. Our scientists have extended experience working with various samples such as plasma, urine, bile, tissue and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). These samples can be collected both pre- and post-dose according to our clients’ needs. With extensive expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, we can perform bioanalysis quickly to validate the sensitive and accurate of PK/PD assays.

PK/PD Analysis in Animal Disease Models

Working in the field of PK/PD studies for many years, we have developed a series of disease models to help our clients clarify disease-related PK/PD parameter changes, which is very important for predicting the profound impacts of diseases-related pathophysiological changes on the drug efficacy. Animal disease models can mimic the diseases in humans. The PK/PD analysis results obtained from validated animal disease models are critical components in optimizing dosing regimen design in order to maximize efficacy while minimizing the cost and duration of clinical trials.

Creative Biolabs is dedicated in providing PK/PD services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our bioanalytical laboratory contains GLP-compliant systems and qualified instrumentations, including immunoassay technical platforms as well as HPLC or multiple LC-MS/MS systems to provide sensitive, high-throughput evaluation of drug concentration in a variety of matrices. We have expertise in designing, performing, and interpreting the PK/PD studies. Our experienced teams have a deep understanding of PK/PD analysis and can provide our clients high quality and rapid turnaround services. We would like to share our experience and resources with you to provide assistance to your drug development project and help you reduce investment risk.

Creative Biolabs has a dedicated assay development team that will work closely with you to design customized assays. Our service will meet your specific needs fast at extremely competitive prices. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We look forward to working with you to help your drug research and development project succeed.


  1. Chu, CH., et al., 2017. The daniel k. inouye college of pharmacy scripts: Obesity: The Drug Dose Debate. Hawaii J Med Public Health, 76(6), pp. 162-165.

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